Excell Ministries

Breakdown of Fees

First Year

Application Fee £ 60.00
1 Year Course Fee £ 825.00
Total Fees £ 885.00


Registration fee £60.00
11 X £75.00
TOTAL 885.00

2nd PLAN

Registration fee £60.00
Total Fees £870.00


Registration fee £60.00
2 X £300.00
1 X £210.00
TOTAL 870.00

Other Financial Considerations

A. Personal Living Expenses

Tuition costs do not include housing or living expenses.
For those students who have come from overseas we have provided some guideline figures to help them budget however all students are responsible for all of their personal living and housing issues.

B. Discounts

Quantity Discount
If a husband and wife attend together, or if two siblings attend from the same home address and are 18 years old or over, there is NORMALLY a £10.00 reduction per student.

Full Payment Discount
There is a further 10% discount given if the entire tuition is paid in full by the end of registration week.
NB: The devil often attacks students in the area of finances and because of this we encourage students to pay their school fees in full as soon as possible. This will benefit both the students and the school.

C. Explanation of Tuition Fees

Application Fee
This is a non-refundable fee that covers our administration cost of processing your application.

General Administration Fee
This is the fee that covers all the miscellaneous and administrative expenses involved with hosting each student. Some examples are: renting, time, telephone calls and correspondence. Basically all that is involved with helping students relocate, ministry handouts including syllabi and the EBTC manual, badges and some promotional expenses etc.

The book fee covers all books required for the school year. We will recommend other supplementary materials, but all required reading materials are provided in this fee.
We have passed on all of our bulk discounts so that each student will receive far more than their £250 worth of books if they were to buy them individually.
Books are distributed regularly throughout the year. If a student quits the Training Centre they forfeit any books they have not yet received and will not have any reimbursement of book fees.

This is the charge for instruction and includes all aspects, including instructor salaries, honorariums, travelling and accommodation expenses for our guest instructors and other administration salaries. In addition to this we have general admin costs and rising costs throughout the year.

Church Placement - Personal Living Expenses
There is no portion of the tuition set aside to cover expenses incurred whilst on a church placement.
You will be responsible to communicate the details of your placement expenses and have them clearly defined before entering into your agreement. We will be assisting each student in this. You will be going as a volunteer with the hope of being a blessing and not a liability, so there should not be any expectation of offerings, expense money, etc. If they do provide you with an offering, it is acceptable to graciously receive it.

D. Payments
Payments of all student fees are payable by standing order, due on the 1st day of the month, or the closest school day to the 1st of the month. Payments that are not received on or before this day are considered past due. Once payment is 3 days late, the student will not be able to continue attending class until they are able to make their payment, unless they have agreed a payment plan with finance admin staff.
If a student finds themselves in financial difficulties and they are not able to make their payment, they should immediately contact the school office to see if some arrangement can be made.
In most cases a student will not be permitted to participate in the certificate presentation or graduation ceremonies if any portion of their fees is left unpaid.

E. Payment by Cheque
Excel BTC does not receive any payment by cheque.

F. Refund Policy
If for any reason you withdraw from EBTC AFTER you have REGISTERED, all prepaid tuition will be calculated and refunded to you in 45 days by money transfer.
Any refunded tuition WILL NOT include the £60 application fee.
Books are ordered before term begins so the book fee will not be refunded. Books received cannot be exchanged for a refund. Any books not yet distributed will be forfeited.
No refund is given as a result of withdrawal after 1 May. If a student simply stops coming without any explanation, or if they are expelled from school for any reason including, improper conduct or a failure to pay tuition there will be no refund given after this date.
Tuition that has been paid by another party such as a church, friend or family member will be treated in the same way as outlined above.

G. Financial Aid, Student Loans and Grants
At present there is no financial assistance program for students. We have been able to keep our tuition costs lower than almost any other higher learning agency.